Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Community Kickoff Meeting

Thanks to all who came out to the Kickoff Meeting January 9th at the Carver Center. It was a great discussion. For those who were not able to attend, a recap follows. You can also view the presentation. Feel free to add your comments (scroll down for comment box).


What are the physical characteristics of West Anniston that meet or exceed your own personal standards?

Homegrown businesses
Community Center
15th Street Business District
People who cared enough to stay, committed
Jobs in area
Cobb Elementary, Cobb legacy
Catholic Diocese, St. Michael's
Famous people from West Anniston
Joyview Heights
Homegrown, family-operated businesses
History of local businesses, commitment to community


What are the physical characteristics of West Anniston that are not up to your personal standards?

Abandoned, vacant, dilapidated homes
Property values
Vacant lots
Street conditions, potholes
Lack of trails
Lighting, street lights, dark intersections

Outside Forces

What are the major outside forces that have an impact on life in West Anniston, for better or worse?

Poverty (global)
Education, workforce training
Job Market
Federal Promise Zones
City of Anniston
Anniston City Schools
Housing Authority

Sacred Cows

What are the sacred cows in West Anniston--the places or things that we'd better not suggest to get rid of or change too much?

"Cobb" school
Carver Community Center
St. Michael's
John L. Dunson House
Uniqueness, sense of place
1700 Block of Mulberry Avenue (homes)
Civil Rights Trail

Vision (What is Missing Today)

What is missing today from West Anniston that is in your vision for the community 10 or 15 years from now?

Creative, entrepreneurial people
Higher standard of living
Retail and other businesses
A place people choose to live
Annual festival
Revitalized homes
Drug store
People coming together
Thriving, prosperity
Appreciation, connections to history
Church leaders united, active in community
Homeless services
Day care
Facilities and activities for youth
"True love" in community, people helping each other
More people
Good parks and recreation facilities
Better mentors, teachers, schools
Parent involvement
Cobb High School
Things to do
Apartments (other than public housing)
Nice restaurants, sit-down
Youth ambition


What change or accomplishment would make you say "Wow! I can't believe _______________in West Anniston!"?

We're 6A
Lower crime
New housing
Business development
15th Street revitalized, center for creative businesses
Entertainment (jazz, blues, juke joint)
People visiting, tourism
Casino, destination
People came together
Strong values, community
Events, concerts
Cultural festival
Investment by City and others
24-hour McDonald's
[The City/others] took action
All PCBs gone
Local businesses investing in community
Focused, complete revitalization of 10-block area

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  1. I am a west Anniston resident and would like to participate in future meetings/workshops. Please add me to you email notification list; I am currently receiving notifications from OneCityOneVision and have participated in their workshops; but was not aware of the West Anniston effort until reading about the meeting regarding the master plan in the Anniston Star on Feb 14, 2014. OneCityOneVision displayed signage in west Anniston for the citywide meeting; but I’ve not seen any signage announcing the West Anniston meeting in West Anniston. My contact information is Dennis.Bradford@hotmail.com. Thanks