Friday, December 27, 2013

The Planning Process

The planning process will begin officially in January 2014. To oversee development of the plan an advisory committee has been created that includes City of Anniston, Housing Authority and City Schools officials, residents, business owners, representatives of nonprofit agencies active in West Anniston, and other community stakeholders. 

The process to develop the plan will be centered around community input gathered through three monthly public meetings, a planning workshop, and a comprehensive community survey. The plan will establish a vision for the physical and economic revival of West Anniston detailed through goals, policies and strategies to address:

  • Housing
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Economic Development
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Safety
  • Quality of Life

Upon completion, the plan will be presented to the City of Anniston Planning Commission for adoption. The plan will also be presented to the Anniston City Council, Housing Authority Board and Anniston City School Board for ratification, ensuring the commitment of each governing body to implementation of the plan.

Advisory Committee

Seyram Selase, Anniston City Council
David Reddick, Anniston City Council
Bertrand Thomas, West Anniston Foundation
Marcus Mitchell, West Anniston CDC
Dr. C.K. Huguley, Anniston Board of Education
Mr. William Hutchings, Anniston Board of Education
Brian McVeigh, District Attorney's Office
General Jackson, Business Owner
Bobby Ross, Resident
Reverend Fred Durant, Resident
Nellie McMillian, AHA Resident
Kathy Dreyer, Anniston Housing Authority Board
Stacy Parris, Anniston Housing Authority

Steering Committee

Corbett "Toby" Bennington, City of Anniston
Cynthia Calix, Community Advisory Group
Jimmie Thompson III, Anniston City Schools
Doug Brooks, Anniston Housing Authority
Sonny McMahand, Anniston Housing Authority

Planning Meetings

The process will be begin with a public meeting on the evening of January 9, 2014 at the Carver Community Center. The following day---Friday January 10---an all-day planning workshop will be held also at the Carver Community Center. The public is highly encouraged to attend these events. Times and locations of public meetings in February and March will be posted when those are confirmed. Meeting materials and community feedback will be posted on this site shortly after each meeting.

West Anniston Survey

During January a community survey will be released to help gauge community opinions and priorities about a variety of planning issues. The survey will be distributed throughout the community or you can click here to take survey. You can also pick up and fill out a survey at the meetings in January. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to complete a survey when it is released.

Please come back to this site for announcements, to track our progress, leave comments, and learn how you can support this effort! West Anniston, it's your time!

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